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WPM Sharp Spout Competition Pitcher - Coconut White 600cc (HC7130MW)

WPM Sharp Spout Competition Pitcher - Coconut White 600cc (HC7130MW)

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The 600cc Sharp Spout Pitcher is our first launched pitcher in 2022.

“Back to Basic” is the concept.

- Round bottom design

- Mouth improvement

- The widened diameter



With the improvement of public's ability to appreciate coffee, the production of coffee shops has become more refined. A common practice for milk coffee is to use different pitchers to make milk from and latte art. But this will cause the temperature drop to affect the taste and waste of milk.



Our new design changes the bottom of the cup to an arc shape making milk can be fully rolled, and easier to observe the whisking state.
The narrowed bottom provides enough space to make up for problems caused by the poor frothing.



It is also specially designed for drawing lines: the lengthened diversion port makes the milk foam release more evenly. The capacity of 600cc can better meet the needs of multiple pouring.

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