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16th Anniv Sale 🎉 Rivers Coffee Dripper Cave Reversible

16th Anniv Sale 🎉 Rivers Coffee Dripper Cave Reversible

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– Material : Silicone rubber
– Max temperature : 200°C
– Min temperature : -40°C
– Size : W102mm x D102mm × H85mm
– Weight : 74g (for 1-4 cups)
(Dishwasher safe.)


Two drip patterns in one dripper.
The cave reversible for true coffee fanatics.

The innovative CAVE REVERSIBLE coffee dripper attracted the attention of numerous coffee people in 2017
when it was displayed as a reference exhibit at the World Specialty Coffee Conference and Exhibition
which is Japan’s largest specialty coffee event held by the Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ).

An executive from a major corporation asked if we had patented the design and
a champion barista from overseas passionately discussed their desire to use it.
The event always overflows with coffee people,
but the people that visited our booth seemed even more ardent than usual.

This product is truly for the fanatic — to the point that we’re worried about whether it will even sell well.

Let’s look at the CAVE REVERSIBLE in depth.

What is the cave?

The CAVE is a conical coffee dripper developed by Rivers.
It is notable for having a fairly narrow center angle of 50°.
This sharp conical shape results in a thick accumulation of coffee beans,
allowing the hot water to truly seep through the coffee grounds while brewing.
This design has been well received and is highly praised by many baristas.

The CAVE REVERSIBLE is a silicone dripper that keeps the same 50° conical shape of the CAVE
but has two different rib patterns, one on each side.
The body is made of soft rubber, making it easily reversible.
This provides its greatest feature,
the ability to brew coffee using the ribs that are best suited to the coffee beans being used.

If you think your coffee is too acidic, use the A side.

There is a well-established culture of enjoying the terroir of high quality coffee beans
such as single-origin beans and specialty coffee beans.

However, we often hear people say that they find the acidity overwhelming.
Personally, I’m not a big fan of highly acidic coffee myself.

There is a growing number of microroasters (small cafes and roasters that have their own roasting equipment),
and roasting for a more acidic flavor seems to be on the rise.
If you aren’t a fan of strongly acidic coffee beans,
use the A side of the CAVE to slightly reduce the acidity of the coffee and create a more balanced flavor.
The key is to slowly brew the coffee. Gradually. Patiently. Drop by drop.

If you think your coffee is too bitter (B side)

Conversely, if you find that coffee beans have been too deeply roasted, to an almost espresso-like level,
and that the resulting coffee tastes bitter or burnt, we recommend the B side.

It has 24 ribs, alternating between long and short ribs.
Compared to the A side, it brews coffee more quickly, producing a smoother finish.

The key is not to pour too slowly,
but instead to pour the water quickly into the dripper after soaking the beans.

Professional baristas deftly adjust the balance of coffee by adjusting their brewing speed.
There are different methods for brewing balanced coffee depending on the characteristics of the coffee beans.

However, the reality is that it’s hard for an amateur to achieve the kind of brewing speed
control used by experienced baristas.
That’s why it’s so wonderful to be able to adjust your coffee flavor just by switching between ribs.

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