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星芒極棉濾紙 KADOU M1 (1-2 CUP) / M2 (2-4 CUP) FILTER PAPER

星芒極棉濾紙 KADOU M1 (1-2 CUP) / M2 (2-4 CUP) FILTER PAPER

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Kadou M1 Polar Cotton Filter Paper - paperless cone cotton coffee special filter

# High-grade cotton mixed with pulp, high pounds thicker than normal filter paper.The palate is closer to flannel round and smooth. 

# Universal market all cone filter cup 

# Cover M1 star-mount filter cup more thick body and clean. Kadou polar cotton filter paper Model no.m1 01.

Use: 1~4 people 

Quantity: 60 pc 

Material: cotton filter wood 

【珈堂咖啡】 Kadou M1 極棉濾紙 無紙味 カドウ錐形cotton咖啡專用濾紙 

# 高級棉與紙漿混製,高磅數比一般濾紙厚些.口感更接近法蘭絨圓潤乾淨滑順。

 # 通用市場所有錐形濾杯

 # 套用M1星芒濾杯 更增加濃厚的Body且乾淨 . Kadou 極棉濾紙 ・

型號 : M1 01  .

使用  : 1~4人用 ・

數量 : 60枚入 ・

素材:棉濾紙 コットンパルプ・木材パルプ

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