Collection: Ecuador La Papaya - A Story of Craftsmanship and Flavor

Ecuador La Papaya - A Story of Craftsmanship and Flavor

Nestled in the breathtaking region of Saraguro, Loja, our coffee farm is more than just a plantation; it's a haven where tradition meets innovation, and every bean tells a story. Today, we proudly present our featured coffee, Ecuador La Papaya, a testament to the dedication and passion that go into each cup.


The Journey Begins in Saraguro, Loja: At an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level, our coffee farm is blessed with the perfect climate and soil conditions for cultivating exceptional beans. The mountainous terrain of Saraguro imparts unique characteristics to the Typica Mejorado varietal, setting the stage for a truly distinctive coffee experience.

Crafted with Care: Our commitment to quality shines through in our meticulous processes. For our Ecuador La Papaya - Oak Barrel Fermentation, we employ a method that marries age-old tradition with modern innovation. Oak barrels are the chosen vessels, imparting nuanced flavors of Rum Raisin, Vanilla, and Orange Marmalade to the beans. It's a labor of love that results in a cup of coffee that transcends the ordinary.

Nature's Touch: For the Ecuador La Papaya - TIM Natural, the sun-drying process enhances the inherent flavors of the beans, creating a profile that boasts Blueberry, Ripen Peach, and Raisin notes. This natural processing method ensures that the true essence of the coffee cherries is captured, delivering a cup that is vibrant and full of life.

Sustainability at Heart: Beyond flavor, we are committed to sustainable and ethical practices. Our farm prioritizes environmental conservation, fair labor practices, and community engagement, ensuring that every sip of our coffee comes with a sense of responsibility and care.

Experience the Ecuador La Papaya Difference: Embark on a sensory journey with our featured coffee. Whether you savor the oak barrel-aged richness or the natural fruity finesse, each cup of Ecuador La Papaya is an invitation to experience the soul of our farm. From our hands to your mug, we bring you a coffee that reflects the terroir, craftsmanship, and heart of Saraguro, Loja. Indulge in the story, and let every sip transport you to the lush landscapes where our passion for coffee blossoms.