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Honduras El Puente Marsellesa (Washed) 100g / 200g

Honduras El Puente Marsellesa (Washed) 100g / 200g

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Honduras El Puente Marsellesa Washed

Region - Marcala

Process - Washed

Altitude - 1580 masl

Varietal - Marsellesa

Harvest - April 2021

Flavour - Sugarcane, Apple, Chocolate

Remarks - Marsellesa is a varietal that is not often seen in Honduras. It is originally a hybrid of Sarchimor and Villa Sarchi from Nicaragua. Known for its resistance to leaf rust and also produce good yield with good quality. Notable for its high acidity while planting in Nicaragua, however we found this Marsellesa from El Puente with a very high sweetness that reminds you of white sugar.

Story: This is our 3rd year working with the Caballero family from Finca El Puente of Honduras. Run by Marysabel and her husband Moises Herrera together. Marysabelโ€™s family had established coffee farms in the early 1900s and she is the third-generation coffee farmer.

In the 1990s, while Moises was working as an accountant for a Guatemala exporter. His company sent him to Honduras and he met with Marysabel, and they married shortly and decided to enter the coffee business together and started El Puente. They dedicated themselves to producing the best coffee in Honduras and won lots of the quality contests, including the Cup of Excellence in 2016 with a record breaking score.

They take very seriously the sustainability in their farm, they produce organic fertilizer with the materials that came from their farm, all water is filtered before going back to nature, they use shade to control insects and diseases instead of using pesticides. All their workers are hired year-around and provided with housing and school for their children, to ensure they have a better livelihood and a better community.

Today, EL Puente is one of the leading coffee farms in the industry. They grow different exotic varieties and do different experimental processing, with one goal, to produce the best coffee.

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