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Green Beans - Brazil Fazenda Guariroba Yellow Catucai (Natural)

Green Beans - Brazil Fazenda Guariroba Yellow Catucai (Natural)

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Brazil Fazenda Guariroba

Region - Santo Antônio do Amparo

Process - Natural

Altitude - 1150 masl

Varietal - Catucai

Harvest - June 2020

Flavors - Dried Apricot, Roasted Nut, Milk Chocolate

Fazenda Guariroba represents Brazilian coffee domestically and internationally through the recognition obtained with awards as one of the best natural coffees produced in Brazil, under the management of Gabriel Lamounier Vieira, Elisa Paiva Lamounier and Marilia Aguiar Paiva. They carried out remarkable and professional work in specialty coffee production, Planting outstanding coffee varieties and investing in the post-harvesting process and won the first prize of the 2016 Cup of Excellence.


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